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They say that preparation is the key to perfection. Xcllence offers a comprehensive Test Series that helps your child prepare to take the PSLE with confidence. Every test offered by Xcllence is developed by knowledgeable domain experts who come with several years of experience. The series are designed in accordance to the format set by the Ministry of Education and the way that the PSLE are conducted. When a child undertakes the test set by us, you as a parent get to gauge their strengths and weaknesses better.

Even before your child takes the test series, you can sign up for 3 one-on- one mentorship sessions with one of our experts. They assign a specific time slot for the kid where they conduct a counselling session that is full of useful tips that help the child approach the test better. In the live session, they discuss the test format and the sections covered and what the child can do to score the best possible marks. This session can be attended by parents as well.

Our Test Series are divided according to the PSLE subjects and broadly cover:

A child can take the MCQs test or/and the open-ended questions’ test and email us the answers in PDF format. Our team gets back to you within 24 hours with the results of the test.

If a child is not satisfied with their results, they can appear for the test multiple times, without any charges, till they feel confident and prepared to take the PSLE.

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Xcllence, a product of RM Education Venture Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based online education company that caters to bringing out the unique potential of the student appearing for the PSLE examination. We understand the importance of this examination in a student's life and the pressures that both, the child and the parents, go through.

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