Iron out the edges in language skills

Xcllence offers one-of-a-kind tutorials for mastering PSLE English


Making students PSLE English proficient

The Primary 6 level is the final hurdle and has the highest degree of difficulty that a student undergoing primary education has to clear to move onto secondary education. PSLE English is one of the disciplines that hold an individual paper, apart from Science and Math.
Xcllence offers PSLE English tuition programs that are planned to train students rigorously and make them future-ready. Our students appear for an end-of-term examination to evaluate their present skills and assess the areas where they need help. Based on their scores, they are placed on one of these categories for the PSLE English tuition – Foundation or Standard.

The students are trained in the following areas to hone their PSLE English language skills:





With 75% emphasis, the core areas of focus for PSLE English are reading and writing. Our PSLE English tuition lessons are segregated into two categories:


Reading and writing

Listening and speaking


Individual themes and syllabus have been formulated for both the above sections to help students master the language skills required to score well in PSLE English.

What makes it a class apart:


PSLE module includes :

Xcllence, a product of RM Education Venture Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based online education company that caters to bringing out the unique potential of the student appearing for the PSLE examination. We understand the importance of this examination in a student's life and the pressures that both, the child and the parents, go through.

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