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Primary 5 is crucial while preparing for (Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). PSLE is a national examination held by the MoE annually in Singapore. The secondary education of students depends on the grades that they secure in the PSLE. Starting early not only helps the students understand the concepts better, but also leaves them with more time for revision. This, in turn, makes the students more confident and helps them and their parents remain stress-free during the PSLE.
Xcllence, the only e-learning portal in Singapore that offers customised and interactive courses for students of Primary 4, Primary 5, and PSLE. With our online courses, students can study at the comfort of their home and excel in the PSLE Singapore.

Our small batches and personal tutors ensure focused teaching and bring out the hidden potential of the student. Our Unique Learning Management System never lets the learner miss a class and tracks their progress. With regular tests and revision modules, we aim at strengthening the core concepts of Primary 5 and make them PSLE-ready. We possess an expertise in teaching that will enhance the child's knowledge and will help them in PSLE and beyond.

All our courses are designed in accordance with the MoE standards and revised from time to time. Give your child a head-start with Xcllence today.

P5 module includes :

to know how your child can excel with xcllence

Xcllence, a product of RM Education Venture Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based online education company that caters to bringing out the unique potential of the student appearing for the PSLE examination. We understand the importance of this examination in a student's life and the pressures that both, the child and the parents, go through.

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