Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be an online holistic learning enabler for students

Our vision is to become a world class online education academy, which constantly works on helping a student perform and excel not only in their academics, but overall. By providing a holistic learning environment and making learning fun, Xcllence aims to change the way education is approached. We identify the unique skill that each child has and use it to help them channelize it to learn different things easily and efficiently.

Our Mission

Make online learning fun and convenient for all children

Our mission is to create a difference in the field of education and the way education is perceived. Instead of learning being a burden, we make it something that everyone looks forward to. By answering questions instead of just posing them, we make learning interactive. Xcllence helps students channelize their thoughts and energy during their formative years and enables them perform to their utmost potential throughout all the phases of life.

Xcllence, a product of RM Education Venture Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based online education company that caters to bringing out the unique potential of the student appearing for the PSLE examination. We understand the importance of this examination in a student's life and the pressures that both, the child and the parents, go through.

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