Parts of speech

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(Robinson Crusoe’s ship had been destroyed by the sea. He had been alone for many years and longed for company. One day he discovers a footprint on the sand. Let’s find out what he did then…)

One day, when I was going( Verb ) towards my boat( Noun ), I was surprised to see the footprint( Noun ) of a man on( preposition ) the sand. I stood amazed! I listened; I looked around me; I could neither( conjunction ) hear nor see anything( adverb ). I went up higher to look down; I went up the shore and down the shore, but( conjunction ) it was no good( adjective ); I could find no other footprint but that one. I( pronoun ) went to it again to see if there were any more footprints and to tell if it had been my( pronoun ) imagination( noun ). But I was not mistaken,for there was exactly( adverb ) the print of a foot-toes, heel, every part of a foot. I could not imagine how it came( verb ) there. I stayed a long( adjective ) time thinking, but became more and more confused. At last( adverb ) I returned home very frightened( adjective ), looking behind me( pronoun ) after every two or three steps, mistaking every bush and tree to be a man( noun ).


For Jerry Crew the morning( Noun ) of August 27, 1958 seemed( Verb ) like any other normal day. For several( adjective ) weeks, the Northern California( Noun ) tractor driver and( Conjunction ) his men were tasked( Verb ) with clearing out the trees and brush to make way for( Preposition ) a new( Adjective ) road through( Preposition ) the forest of Humboldt County, California. At least it seemed like any other normal day until he ( Pronoun )arrived at( Preposition ) the work site and that normalcy ( Noun )came( Verb ) crashing down around him ( Pronoun ).When he arrived he was dismayed ( Verb ) to find that some unknown( Adjective ) person or persons had been messing ( Verb ) with the equipment( Noun ), a common problem that anybody( Pronoun ) who has ever ( Adverb ) worked in road construction can tell.Thus( Adverb ), someone had moved barrels( Noun ) and tires and by appearances attempted to move the tractors they ( Pronoun ) were using to clear out trees.

Overcoming Anger: A Zen Tale

A Zen student said to his teacher, “Master, I have an ungovernable( Adjective ) temper. Help( Verb ) me get rid of it." “You have something( Pronoun ) very strange," said the teacher. “Show it to me." “Right now I cannot ( Verb ) show it to you". “Why not?" “It arises suddenly( Adverb )." “Then it cannot be your ( Pronoun )own true ( Adjective ) nature," said the teacher, “if( Conjunction ) it were, you would be able( Adjective ) to show it( Preposition ) to me at any time. Why( Adverb ) are you allowing( Verb ) something that is not( Adverb ) yours to trouble your life( Noun )?" Thereafter( Adverb )whenever( Conjunction ) the student felt his( Pronoun ) temper rising he remembered his teacher’s words and checked( Verb ) his anger. In( Preposition ) time, he developed a calm and placid( Adjective ) temperament( Noun ).










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