Fill in the blanks by dragging the missing Vocabulary.

John and Tom stared at the castle, no one speaking a word. The huge building   over them. Promising a day of adventure and excitment. Finally John broke the   and said, "Let's do it". Tom nodded, his heart racing. He followed John to their bicycle and pedalled quietly towards the castle. They were soon at the   of the castle. To check if anyone was nearby Tom  . Thankfully, no one was in  . The boys totoed   to the forbidding doors, careful not to make any sound. To their surprise, the doors were . Carefully, John peeped through the gap but it was dark. With trembling hands he pushed the ancient doors open. Sunlight filtered in and cast a ray of light on a magnificent statue that stood at a   of stairs at the corner of the living room. With Tom behind him. John let the way and took a hesitant step into the room.

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